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Monday 26 October 2020

2015 structurs 336x448

The "STRUCTURED" range proposes a large number of products with different visible surface finish. The relief varies according to the design.

These papers present fine and subtle marks made by special felts on paper machine.

Our collection has just been extended to include 2 new felts : Symphonie and Organdie

Symphonie : leaves an elegant and subtly lined imprint
Organdie : leaves an airy, accentuated imprint
Tramé : leaves a delicate sparkling imprint of dots and dashes
Brut de Vélin : leaves a natural heavy laid surface

These are papers which have undergone a transformation process to produce patterns with clear, raised, regular contours by dry pressure with an engraved cylinder.

Degré : surface embossed with subtle, oblique markings
Martelé : bears the image of light, irregular hammer blows
Carat : has a diamond-faceted image
Toilé : is reminiscent of woven linen

"Structurés" papers stock and making chart

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