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Monday 26 October 2020


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Our "Esprit de Nature" range is made from recycled paper.
Committed to environmental principles, we recycle paper to give it a second life. 
Our recycled paper is made from pre- and/or post-consumption fibre and paper waste. The resulting paper is suitable for a variety of processing and printing techniques.

Our "CARRÉ PACKAGING" collection includes the Esprit De Nature range - a new approach to sustainable development and eco-friendly papers. This range is manufactured in France and comprises a selection of French raw materials from geographically close suppliers in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions related to transportation.
The Esprit De Nature range has been expanded with a variety of papers based on 100% certified FSC® recycled paper made from post-consumer fibre.
Our product is composed of monolayer vegetable fibers without coating or plastic coating, and can be directly recycled.
Mineral pigments have their sand removed and are then used in their natural state, or can be calcined or blended together to obtain a multitude of tints. They offer excellent resistance to light, ultraviolet light and humidity, and have a good lifespan.
People have been using natural pigments for thousands of years. The paintings of the Lascaux Cave and Egyptian hieroglyphics are perfect examples of their use.
Natural pigments are harmless for the environment and human beings.

Environmentally friendly papers

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