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Monday 26 October 2020



saveur web 300x400 webThe SAVEURS range is adapted to the specific requirements of food-grade labels suitable for direct and indirect food contact. An additional treatment can extend the range for greaseproof barrier.

This additional treatment can extend the range of foods our papers are suitable for by creating a barrier to vegetable oils and fats.

Olive oil, caviar, preserves, chocolate, gourmet food items, etc. can now be labelled with appropriate premium ZUBER RIEDER BfR XXXVI certified papers (including compatibility with the standard 1935-2004).

The SAVEURS range also includes a collection of papers compatible with thermal transfer overprinting, a technique commonly used to complete information on labels by adding variable data such as : product name, ingredients, use-by date, batch number, vintage, etc.

"Saveurs" paper stock and making chart

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