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Monday 26 October 2020

Scent card "PREMIUM"


premium 300x185 CAP WEB 1 rabats. POCHETTE RECTO 2015The "PREMIUM" scent card  

The paper used in the scent card industry is technical paper that must comply with a strict set of specifications. The properties of our saturating materials have been studied so that everyone involved in the transformation process (printers, fragrance manufacturers, perfumers and laboratories, etc) can express their creativity whilst guaranteeing optimal quality at the same time.

For this grade of "PREMIUM" scent card, cotton fibres enrich the composition of this -top of the range scent card giving it exceptional absorbent properties and allowing the quality of the fragrance to be assessed by olfaction. Moreover, cotton ensures exceptional, sharp and sophisticated embossing.

Our "PREMIUM" scent cards are stocked in a variety of grammages, colours or formats (pallet blocks or reams).

Printable "PREMIUM" scent card

    • Very high level of cohesion between thickness and capillary action to assess the quality of the fragrance by olfaction
    • Optimum capacity to transform into all manner of cuts, embossing and hot-foil printing, etc
    • This printable version is more calendered, which gives it unparalleled, high-performance printability whether in offset or silk screen mode, for instance
    • Non-adhesive paper with a neutral pH

Our "Tailor-Made" services give you the option to personalise your scent card by choosing the composition, grammage ranging from 110 g/m² to 450 g/m², tint ranging from extra white to carbon-free intense black, surface properties and thickness, etc

"PREMIUM" paper stock

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