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Monday 26 October 2020
couv etiq gdp 280x373FOR THE BEST IN LABELLING

Because each client is unique, we have developed a serie of paper solutions to bring you quality papers for different uses and different types of printing, meeting the requirements of all stakeholders in the design and printing processes.


. 60 papers kept in stock
. 86 papers cut in sheet kept in stock
. 2 new felt papers
. 1 new embossing paper
. 2 new pearlescent papers
. new AVS technology resistant to UV varnish
. a wide range of extra white papers
. extension of the MASTER range to 7 standard references
. a 100% recyclable ecological FSC® certified paper coloured with natural pigments
. a new service - the One Roll Concept : 29 papers stored in reels ensuring a prompt response and minimum orders reduced



couv R01 280x373R01
VOLUTION is an extension of our "GRAINS DE PAPIER" range 2015 boasting new technical solutions

resistance to prolonged submersion in ice buckets

certified papers suitable for food contact and grease proof

papers designed for returnable bottles that will be recycled

luxurious and daring papers dedicated to the most demanding embossings

In addition to our standard range, we offer a wide variety of "Tailor Made" solutions to give designers, printers and other users total freedom of expression in terms of creativity.

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