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Saturday 26 September 2020



master448x336nouvMASTER PROCESS

An exclusive process patented by Papeterie Zuber Rieder.
This solution allows labels to resist prolonged submersion in ice buckets.
"MASTER PROCESS" labelling paper combines moisture-proof and fungicidal treatment with coating on the back of the label. This special treatment strengthens its opacifying, water-repellent and hydrophobic properties.

"MASTER PROCESS" is now available in a wide variety of papers including :

          * smooth papers
          * machine finish, felt, laid or embossed surfaces
          * natural white or extra-white, even pearlescent

These papers are used exclusively for self-adhesive labels.

With the "MASTER PROCESS", your labels when immersed in an ice bucket possess unique properties :

          * long-lasting colour integrity
          * excellent opacity
          * perfect label adhesion
          * a complete solution without the addition of protective film

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