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Monday 26 October 2020

New products

NEWSBYPZR newyork800 535x397In a constantly changing industry, Papeterie Zuber Rieder carefully monitors the market to offer new solutions produced through the expertise of its teams and flexible industrial facilities.
Innovation, creativity and continuous improvement of our products lie at the core of our development strategy.
We offer innovative and high-performance solutions for a range of different applications through the constant revewal of our product offer, the study of new industrial processes, adaptation of our papers to the latest printing technologies and made-to-measure development to meet the needs of our customers.








couv nouv R01 200x266"R01ÉVOLUTION"  is an extension of our "GRAINS DE PAPIER" range 2015 boasting new technical solutions.

"R01ÉVOLUTION" means we can now offer a comprehensive range of 118 product references stocked in cut sheet and roll format


"R01ÉVOLUTION" reveals a unique product offering divided into four product groups :



resistance to prolonged submersion in ice buckets

certified papers suitable for food contact and greaseproof

papers designed for returnable bottles that will be recycled

luxurious and daring papers dedicated to the most demanding embossings



CARRÉ DES SENS collection

PZR CAP WEB 1 couv.200x250 POCHETTE RECTO 2015We offer a wide choice of materials used in the production of scent cards in our "CARRÉ DES SENS" collection :

scent card "PREMIUM"
scent card "ESSENTIAL"

Also known as fragrance tester strips, perfume cards or scent blotters, the scent cards appear in the most diverse of formats in a variety of colours and thicknesses, etc but they all have te same requirements and our production methds offer the ideal solution :

. The ability to faithfully reproduce the most complex of fragrances skilfully created by the most talented of noses

. High level performance during different stages in the transformation process :
          * creasing
          * embossing
          * hot-foil printing,...



couv nouv gdp 200x266"GRAINS DE PAPIER" has always enjoyed an excellent reputation and is widely acclaimed by label specialists for the extremely high quality of its paper ranges.

The new "GRAINS DE PAPIER" collection is packed with new products and novel manufacturing processes to create a series of solutions with a unique product range for the label market.


* 60 papers kept in stock
* 86 papers cut in sheet kept in stock
* 2 new felt papers
* 1 new embossing paper
* 2 new pearlescent papers
* new AVS technology resistant to UV varnish
* a wide range of extra white papers
* extension of the MASTER range to 7 standard references
* a 100% recyclable ecological FSC® certified paper coloured with natural pigments
* a new service - the One Roll Concept : 29 papers stored in reels ensuring a prompt response and minimum orders reduced




master448x336nouvMASTER PROCESS

An exclusive process patented by Papeterie Zuber Rieder.
This solution allows labels to resist prolonged submersion in ice buckets.
"MASTER PROCESS" labelling paper combines moisture-proof and fungicidal treatment with coating on the back of the label. This special treatment strengthens its opacifying, water-repellent and hydrophobic properties.

"MASTER PROCESS" is now available in a wide variety of papers including :

          * smooth papers
          * machine finish, felt, laid or embossed surfaces
          * natural white or extra-white, even pearlescent

These papers are used exclusively for self-adhesive labels.

With the "MASTER PROCESS", your labels when immersed in an ice bucket possess unique properties :

          * long-lasting colour integrity
          * excellent opacity
          * perfect label adhesion
          * a complete solution without the addition of protective film

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